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Kid's autonomy

Learning tower

Learning tower

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This Kitchen Tower is a family favorite! Allowing your children to assist you in the kitchen is a terrific approach to develop their skills and interests. It's a win-win situation since they acquire the useful skill of meal preparation and it turns into an enjoyable activity for you and your little one.

Additionally, research demonstrates that kids are more likely to consume food they assisted in preparing, making it a fantastic option for picky eaters. - Promote Learning and Exploration - With our development-focused activity tower, you can assist your child in gaining independence and abilities in the kitchen. Toddlers are more likely to consume the food they helped produce when they participate in the cooking process, according to studies.

We place a high focus on safety. With its rounded corners, non-toxic composition, and solid, non-balancing design, our learning tower is ideal for busy children.

Our kitchen tower is height-adjustable so it may expand with your child as they do. Our activity tower allows your child to stand comfortably no matter their size thanks to several height adjustments.

Thanks to its tiny size and stylish design, this activity tower fits in tight areas.

With a quick and simple 15-minute assembly process and a lightweight yet strong design that even a toddler can move around with ease, you can get started in the kitchen right away.


A nice reminder to watch out for your child while they use the Tower. We wish to guarantee their safety and prevent any mishaps. Please refrain from roughhousing, such as rocking the Tower, scaling the edges, or attempting to scale the top of something else (such as counter). We appreciate you helping us keep your child safe.

We advise that users of the Tower weigh no more than 100 lbs. in order to protect their safety.

We advise reducing the standing platform if your child's tummy rises higher than the Tower's highest point.

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