Welcome to “Kid's Autonomy”, where we are dedicated to creating extraordinary furniture inspired by the Montessori concept for children. We are not just a company; we are a team of young parents who understand the importance of creating a supportive environment for our youngest.


Founded by young and ambitious people, "Kid's Autonomy" stems from the realization that the Montessori program is not sufficiently represented on our market. Given that many of us have experienced the joys and challenges of parenthood ourselves, we decided to embark on a mission to provide the opportunity to purchase high-quality Montessori furniture for children that will enrich their early learning experiences.


At Kid's Autonomy, quality is our primary concern. We believe that children deserve the best, which is why we carefully craft each piece of furniture using natural materials such as plywood and wood. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our selection of paints, which are water-based and fully eco-friendly. We strive to ensure that every product we offer is safe, durable and designed to inspire children's curiosity and creativity.


What sets us apart is our team of dedicated parents who work together to design and create furniture for children. We understand the unique needs of children and the desire of parents to provide them with a stimulating and educational environment. Our personal experiences as parents guide the development of our products, making each piece not just a piece of furniture, but a valuable contribution to your child's learning opportunities.


Our vision is simple: to become a reliable partner in the growth and development of your child. We strive to be at the forefront of the Montessori movement, offering innovative, safe and aesthetically appealing furniture that will fit into your home and enrich your child's life.
Join us on this exciting adventure of exploration and learning. Explore our collection of furniture inspired by the Montessori concept and create a space where your child will thrive, discover and enjoy.

Thank you for choosing Kid's Autonomy. We look forward to being a part of your child's early educational experience.